Gennaro Cianflone, Pizza Hotline CEO

We know how hard it is to be in the restaurant business. That’s why we do the heavy-lifting and set you up for success.

2007 & 2008 Consumers’
Choice Award for
Business Excellence

2008 Top Choice Award
for Quality, Service,
Value, and Professionalism


Unbeatable Benefits

While each franchise is individually owned and operated, we work with you every step of the way to ensure your success.


Call Center

Company owned omni-channel call center for order intake, customer service and on-demand franchisee support for any and all issues.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated team of internal accounting and operations support staff that works with our franchise partners to grow and develop their franchise business.

Internal Marketing

Internal marketing teams that take the heavy lifting off sharing our brand in your neighborhood.

Innovative Technology

Industry expert IT developers and strategists putting our franchisee’s at the forefront of technology.

Logistics Support

Full service logistical support and supply chain optimization.

A Little Saucy Number

Our hand stretched pizzas are baked at high heat in an authentic stone fire’d oven to achieve a crust with a crispy golden exterior and a tender, slightly chewy interior.

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