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Gennaro Cianflone,

Founder & CEO

We know how hard it is to be in the restaurant business. That's why we do the heavy lifting and set you up for success.

Unbeatable Benefits

At Pizza Hotline we believe strongly in going above and beyond the bottom line, and see our Franchisees as team members that we want to grow and succeed with us. We only bring in people that are just as passionate as we are, and continuously strive for excellence and innovation like we do. From this belief we've developed a host of industry-leading franchise supports and services that best set up our franchise partners for success.

"75% of Canadians are eating pizza at least once a month"

2018 Canadian Pizza Consumer Trends Report, Technomic

Accounting & Operations Support

Our dedicated internal Accounting & Operations support staff works tirelessly to help our Franchisees navigate the waters of inventory, profit & loss, food & labour management, and the other trickier parts of running your own business. From bookkeeping services and complimentary reviews of financials to support and advice from Operations Specialists with decades of experience in food service, our Accounting and Operations Support teams work to make managing your business as easy as possible.

Omni-Channel Order Taking Centre

Our Order Taking Centre alleviates a huge part of the responsibilities of day-to-day restaurant management of our Franchisees so that they can focus on building their business. Leading technology coupled with an experienced team of dedicated staff allow our Order Taking Centre to manage all customer relationships, be it through order taking, complaint resolution, or general inquiries via phone, web, social media, e-mail, text, or more.

Through this Centre, we also offer real-time operational support for our Franchisees and their staff during all 364 open days of the year. From power outages to questions or advice for anything related to your store, our Order Taking Centre is here for you.

Internal Marketing

Our internal Marketing team works to keep Pizza Hotline's brands at the top of their customers' minds at all times. Marketing is tough, but from direct mail to SEO to Social Media, and everything in between, our staff is always creating the next best campaign and offering their professional support, be it through additional in-store campaign creation, guidance and insight, or design, to our Franchisees so that you can go above and beyond in growing your business.

Technology & information Systems

A technological leader in food service, Pizza Hotline's in-house Development & Information Technologies team keeps us on the cutting edge of tech and innovation. The restaurant industry is changing faster than ever, but our dedicated team works to push our brand into the future, and to design systems and innovations that create meaningful efficiencies for our Franchisees in their business present and future.

Logistics & Supply Chain Optimization

Robust logistics and supply chain management and support are provided to all of our Franchisees. We continuously source out the best ingredients, equipment, and pricing for everything that goes into our restaurants so that we can translate those savings to our Franchisees. We know how easily costs can ramp up without a careful eye, and with our buying power and continuous consideration, we fight to get the absolute best value for our Franchisees, so that you don't have to.

Pizza Hotline Takeout & Delivery

Tried and tested in the Manitoba market for over 30 years, Pizza Hotline Takeout & Delivery has consistently been a market dominator, beating out all local, national, and international pizza players year after year. With an emphasis on value and quality, robust and thought-out processes, backed by delicious food offerings, and strong franchise support services this concept is unbeatable. Our slogan, "Great Pizza at a Great Price", says it all.

Pizza Hotline Stone Fired Pizzeria

Taking the elements of speed, quality, and customizability from Fast-Casual, the restaurant industry's fastest-growing segment, Pizza Hotline Stone Fired Pizzeria combines those with the time-tested elements of its' sister Takeout & Delivery model to create the perfect urban pizza place. With high-quality ingredients, a small, efficient footprint, and authentic stone fired ovens that cook your pizza in just 180 seconds, this concept is the perfect choice for someone looking to open up in urban or metropolitan centres.

See what our Franchisees have to say

Antonio (Tony) Anastasio, Pizza Hotline Franchisee

Antonio (Tony) Anastsio, Pizza Hotline Takeout & Delivery

Antonio (Tony) was one of our very first franchisees and is still an active part of our team. A member of the Pizza Hotline family for over 20 years, he's watched our company's rise from a few small stores into the market-dominating brand that it is today.

Zevin Bulka, Pizza Hotline Stone Fired Pizzeria

Zevin Bulka, Pizza Hotline Stone Fired

Once a Corrections Officer, Zevin Bulka wanted his own business that he could grow and sink his teeth into. After reaching out to Pizza Hotline, Zevin completed his Franchisee training and was offered his very own Pizza Hotline Stone Fired in the heart of St. Boniface, one of Winnipeg's trendiest neighbourhoods, where he runs his shop happily ever since.

Victor Zhbanov, Pizza Hotline Franchisee

Victor Zhbanov, Pizza Hotline Takeout & Delivery

Victor started his career with Pizza Hotline as a delivery driver. A recent immigrant without knowing how to speak English, Victor worked hard and learnt the ins and outs of the Pizza Business, now owning 5 of his own Pizza Hotline Franchises.

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